Our personal story

We have children that have special needed and our daughter has a therapy dog. We have bred Pippa here at CederSands Labradors. We have seen a difference in our daughter’s overall well-being and her meltdowns have become less over the time we have been using Pippa. We have also gone on to sell other pups to become trained for service & therapy dogs for children & adults with autism, epilepsy, paraplegics, quadriplegics & more. The power of what these beautiful animals can do is amazing.

Why Our Labradors?

Our Labrador’s are so versatile they are used for a variety of tasks they are currently used more than any other breed as Therapy & Service Dogs

Our labrador’s are bred so they are easily trained and display the proper type of temperament, gentle and calm, as well as are confident enough to perform their duties under stressful situations.


Our Labradors temperament makes him/her a great service animal. These dogs will be in a variety of situations in public. Stability around other people and other animals is an ABSOLUTE must. With the correct socialisation, the Labrador breed is a trustworthy companion in every setting.

Devoted Nature

Once a bond has been built with you and a Lab, you will never find a better, more loyal friend. These animals are happy to be out walking the neighbourhood, sitting next to your desk, or cuddling on the couch for a good movie.

This is one of the traits that has made this breed the number one breed in Australia for over 10 years in a row. Now that is an impressive streak, and I don’t think it is going to change anytime soon.

The background of the breed – Working breed and a sense of purpose.

The Lab was first used as a fish dog in Newfoundland where they helped haul in nets and even retrieve escaping fish. It was called the “lesser Newfoundland” to distinguish it from its bigger cousin, the Newfoundland breed. It was in the early 20th Century that the Labrador was identified by the English Kennel Club. 

The working background makes this dog an ideal candidate for service dogs because they have been bred to fulfill a specific purpose. Initially, that purpose was based in the rivers or fields. The sense of purpose, however, has translated into successful service behaviour.

These dogs excel when they have a purpose. There may be no greater service than assisting people with their daily tasks. This desire to perform is only one reason why Labradors make good service dogs.